J Myszka Lewis is a visual artist whose work is motivated by the intricacies of language and the complex relationships between objects, their images, and their materiality. Using printmaking, painting, and embroidery, she decontextualizes and re-images basic objects in order to examine notions of familiarity, structure, and stability. Her work is often time consuming and repetitive, sitting at the intersection between meditation and tedious labor.

In addition to her individual studio practice, Myszka is also one-third of the SPOOKY BOOBS COLLECTIVE, a feminist collective that uses art, language, and design to visualize the trivialization of women’s experiences. SBC was formed in 2014 around the goal of producing public artworks with a mission to halt the perpetuation of sexism in our culture. SBC’s work is manifested through art installations, performances, social interactions, printed material, and social media campaigns.