My work produces shifted likenesses of structural objects and prods at the traditionally gendered distinctions between making and building. Cakes are made; cities are built. Making often implies a lowered level of seriousness, functionality, or necessity in the produced item, while building is utilitarian and purposeful, yielding something greater than the sum of its parts. My work is preoccupied with these individual parts – beams, bricks, words, fibers – separated from their mass. I make and remake images of hard objects through soft materials such as fabric, dye, and thread. I structure words and phrases that seem to fall out of and back into each other. My practice spans printmaking, painting, and fiber arts with a dedicated attention to utilizing materiality as the site of visual and conceptual revelation. As I borrow the language of making to produce likenesses of objects that typically reside within the built environment, my work addresses conceptions of certainty, familiarity, stability, and labor.